Domain registrations, Linux and FreeBSD managed servers.

Your contents need a secure space in the network. Our managed hosting solutions will suit all your needs: reliable and intuitive, which meet our filosophy. You can host what can be a very simple business webpage to complex and evolved application. Our hosting services offer speed, stability and security thanks to RAID storage systems installed on all servers.

One of our staff member will be assigned to your account, managed servers and ongoing support.

Build around your needs

We can plan all the development phases of your application project. From the creative part to implementation and access control: an information portal, a product page, your own intranet or extranet, also being able to manage the online presence with reliable and flexible tools.

The applications that we manages in outsourcing will allow you to optimize time, expenses, and management of your application much more easily. Our offer includes:

  • Application development
  • Domain Registration
  • Server Configuration and Management
  • Database management

Whatever your business core is, you and your staff will have to, probably every day, face specific situations and precise procedures: often complicated procedures but also familiar for you, with which a solution that could reduce errors and save up time could be useful for you.

Our solutions, in particular the management ones, solve at least 2 of the major inconveniences that softwares have today: they are flexible towards your needs and, most of all, do not include hundreds of expensive functions you may not need.

We are able to build management, accounting software and applications that unify huge technical stability, installation simplicity, and intuitive user interfaces. Respecting your specific needs.

Mobile is our mission

We create highly polished iOS and Android applications for startups and enterprise clients.

Our mobile services are designed to bring the company's mobile technology expertise to customers.

About Us

BlueBox launched in 2001 offering Information Technology (IT) services to companies who strongly believe in quality and innovation to help their growth.

BlueBox's products and services solve SMEs needs of business intelligence and in the creation of applications involving e-commerce, billing and CRM management improving competitivity through the integration of online and offline solutions.

Our skills

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery Bootstrap MySQL PostgreSQL MongoDB

QT PHP Node.js total.js

Contact us

If you have any questiong about our products or solutions, please email us. We'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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